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How can I divide a table horizontally (into rows)?
Select a plant and activate the "Enable" checkbox under "Create your own arrangement". Enter the desired number of rows under "Rows" and set the number of "Columns" to 1. For example, a table with 8 horizontal rows has the values "Rows = 8" and "Columns=1".
How can I arrange a table vertically (in columns)?
Select a plant and activate "Enable" right under "Create your own arrangement". Fill in the desired number of columns under "Columns" and set the number of "Rows" to 1. A table with 8 columns, for example, has the values 'Columns = 8' and 'Rows=1'.
How can I divide a table into sections?
Select a plant and activate the "Enable" checkbox under "Create your own arrangement". Under "Columns", enter the desired number of columns, and determine the number of "Rows". A table with 5 columns and 4 rows, has 5X4=20 sections in which plants can be placed.
How can I add moss or other filling material to a combination?
In the tab for labels, you will find the standard options moss or white decorative stones. First select all elements (pot, plant, filling material) and then drag the plant between the moss on the right-hand side.
What happens to my upload?
After uploading the photo, we get started right away! Each photo is freely cut and prepared so that you can use it in all applications. The processing of a photo takes no more than 1 working day.
Can I change the specifications of a product afterwards?
In the Catalog you can customize the properties per product. By clicking on the "i" symbol, you can change the product data in the "Edit" tab. Then confirm the changes with "Update info".
How can I create folders for a specific assortment?
For the plants category, you can create custom "Folders" and give them a title. Once the folder is created, you can simply select assortment and then move the selection into a folder by using "Move to".
How can I upload multiple photos easily and quickly?
As an "advanced level" user or higher, you have access to bulk upload features. This saves you a lot of time. First, enter all characteristics - relevant to a whole set of photos - in the upload form. Then drag and drop the relevant photos into the upload field. The attributes are adopted and the title is automatically created based on the file name of your photos.
Which plant photos are available in Florastock?
In Florastock you will find about 3.000 indoor and garden plants. Florastock includes all relevant plant varieties from the current retail assortment.
I created a mix layer that I want to use more often. Can I save the layer and reuse it later?
Created layers of a CC or EC can be saved. Make sure the layer you want to save is active.
  • Go to the upper tab and click on “Save Preset Layer
  • Give a title to the layer and click on “Save active layer
  • The layer will be displayed immediately among the saved layers
How can I edit a plant in the layout?
Select the item in the overview on the right and make it smaller or larger. Drag the single plants on the right to determine the layering order.
Is it possible to have your own templates/logos integrated into Showcase?
We offer custom integration of your brand templates. We can also enable text input in a desired font. Please send us an email with your wishes and we'll reach out to you within a day.
How can I display a plant centered and large in a template?
Activate the "Auto Scale (80%)" option before selecting a plant. The plant will then be centered and displayed with 10% white space at the top & bottom.
I would like to display a plant, tray and a detail photo in one image – is this possible?
Select the desired format and activate "close-up." You can load the close-up from an existing close-up catalog or upload an image from your computer. Compiled trays, which you have created in Floraconcepts, can be found in the tab for "displays".
Can I adjust the spacing between layers?
Yes, this is possible. The next layer is placed at a distance of about 10 cm. By clicking on the arrow keys you slide the layer up or down.
We have our own furniture/display for our assortment. Is it possible to integrate it into Display Creator?
This is possible. For this purpose, we will be happy to provide you with a custom offer. Please send a picture of the display to our customer service and we will contact you shortly.
How does it work if I want to integrate a POS banner to a table or CC in Display Creator?
Mail the graphic file to our customer service. Tell us in the e-mail, on which display the banner should be integrated and we will get back to you with a price indication.
I created a mixed layer that I want to use more often. Can I save the layer and reuse it later?
A created layer on a CC or EC can be saved. Make sure the layer you want to save is active.
  • Go to the upper tab and click on “Save Preset Layer
  • Give a title to the layer and click on “Save active layer
  • The layer is immediately displayed among the saved layers
How do I get to the next layer?
Next to "Layer 1", click the "+" icon in the upper left corner and another layer will be added.
I put a tray in the wrong position by mistake. How can I move it to the correct position?
No problem! Activate "Move a row or tray", select the tray you want to reposition, and move the tray to the correct empty position.
I made a mixtray and want to use it for the whole layer. How can I do that?
Click "Copy last tray" to copy the tray to the remaining positions on the layer.
When I place one plant species in a tray, all the plants in the tray have the same height. How can I change this?
After filling the tray with plants, you can resize desired plants in the tray. Activate by click the " increase plant size" or "decrease plant size" - icon, and then select the plant whose size you want to adjust.
I would like to use a different colour tray on the display. How can I change the color?
Per tray, several color options are available. These can be found in the drop-down list shown. Are you missing a color? Feel free to talk to us and we will check the possibilities together!
I am missing a “number of holes” option when creating a CC or EC. How can I add that option?
We do our best to provide all relevant tray options. Do you miss any tray option in the list? Feel free to contact us and we will solve it for you!
The plant seems too big/small in the combination – how can I adjust the size?
  1. Select the plant you want to make smaller or larger
  2. Use the "+" and "-" to adjust the size of the plant
Is it possible to combine several plants in one container?
Yes definitely! If you want to put several plants in a container or bowl, we recommend you to select first all plants, and then the pot. In the last step, you can move the plants from position with the arrows at the bottom, to the right.
Can I mirror a plant?
You can mirror a plant, by pressing <Flip it>.
I made a combination using a tag. The tag is behind the plant – how do I move the tag to the front?
On the right-hand side, you can select the tag and move it to the desired position.
I would like to combine a plant in grow pot with a tag, but when I select the elements nothing is shown. How do I prevent this?
First, click on "Load with pot image" and then select the desired plant, and the desired tag.
What happens after purchasing photos from Florastock?
Select one or more images from Florastock and confirm with "Confirm order". The images are immediately added to your own catalog. Now you can edit the properties (e.g. name, pot size or height) and use the product images right away.
Can I rotate a plant to the left or right?
Yes, sure. Select the plant you want to rotate and use the left <>right - buttons at the bottom.

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