Innovative software for floral programs

Find the perfect pot-plant combination in the seemingly endless range of products. Choose a pot, choose a plant, upload any background picture you like and share the results with your customer or supplier instantly. You will find the perfect composition in no time, while targeting the customer with the exact thing he is waiting for.

Choose Pot

Choose Plant

Will my plants stand out inside the shop? You can find out once it’s there, or you can visualize it beforehand. To that end, our Display Creator will come in handy. The application offers you the possibility to fill any shelf or cart with pots, plants, or combinations of the two, in any setting you want.

After creating your winning pot-plant combinations, you want to show them in the best way. For this reason, we offer the showcase function. Choose a theme background or upload your own and show your products in a perfect atmosphere.

By developing a smart digitized and virtualized sales system, Floraconcepts will be the ideal partner for retail programs.

  • Sharing product visualizations for better execution
  • Higher conversion when sampling = more durable
  • Interactive communication growers and retailer
  • Better knowledge of the customer = increasing sales
  • Less need for specific knowledge about the assortment