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Handsome and skillfully edited images are worth a thousand words. Make the perfect pot-plant combination, upload it to any imaginable setting to your website or webshop and testify to the effect it will have on your customers and sales!


Find the perfect pot-plant combination in the seemingly endless range of products. Choose a pot, choose a plant, upload any background picture you like and share the results with your customer or supplier instantly. You will find the perfect composition in no time, while targeting the customer with the exact thing he is waiting for.

In partnership with Pottery Direct International | Free to use by growers | Over 6.000 pots to choose from

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Display Creator

Will my plants stand out inside the shop? You can find out once it’s there, or you can visualize it beforehand. To that end, our Display Creator will come in handy. The application offers you the possibility to fill any shelf or cart with pots, plants, or combinations of the two, in any setting you want.

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Floraconcepts for consumers

A brand new webshopping experience is coming soon….. stay tuned!

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Picture Service

Picture Service ia a special online service for the companies wishing to present their products optimally and to maximize the sales. You can upload images any time of the day, tell us how to edit them & get the result within 24 hrs! We are her to help you bring an ordinary shot to a perfect picture for maximum commercial result.

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From our clients

“Display Creator turned out to be very handy, when it comes to the need to make and show the right color combinations on a display. Easy, precise, time saving & customized to match our identity, it is now one of the comprehensive tools for adding value to the "MoreLIPS©" brand.”
- Menno van Es, “MoreLIPS©"
"With the Floraconcepts tools Bromelia Specialist has strongly improved the quality, speed and flexibility, of visualisation of product images, pot-plant combinations and complete displays. And last but not least it saves us lots of time."
- Siegfried Bunnik, "Bromelia Specialist BV"